Rocks Glass (Set of 2)

Rocks Glass (Set of 2)

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The rocks glass, the most reliable of the cocktail family. Hard to break and even harder to knock over! For you who loves a beautiful glass but is realistic about the state of affairs when it comes to breakages, this is your go-to!

Hand made and fresh

The booze traders blend your cocktails to order for optimal freshness.

Check the best before date if not consuming straight away. 

Store in fridge and drink within 3 days after opening.

Miami Booze Traders

We packed the boot with our Purple Haze Margaritas and crossed multiple borders to bring you these beautiful pre-batched cocktails.

All the work is done for you, just shake the bottle, pour over ice and enjoy!

Our first batch of Purple Haze Margaritas is ready and waiting for you.